Safety features of Seasonic power supplies

All power supplies under the ATX specification standard are required to have basic protection features. Seasonic went well beyond these requirements to embed a comprehensive list of protections into their products:

  1. Over-Current Protection (OCP): Monitors the +12 V, +5 V and + 3.3 V rails to ensure that the current on each output rail does not exceed the pre-specified limits. If the load on any circuit exceeds these limits, the power supply is automatically switched off.
  2. Over-Voltage Protection (OVP): This protection is set to monitor the voltages on each of the rails and will shut down the power supply if voltages go over a trigger point based on ATX specifications.
  3. Under-Voltage Protection (UVP): Monitors the + 12 V, + 5 V and + 3.3 V rails to ensure that the DC output voltages do not drop below the pre-specified limits. If the voltage in the circuits drops below these limits, the power supply will automatically shut down.
  4. Over-Power Protection (OPP) / Over-Load Protection (OLP): This protection will kick in and shutdown the power supply if the power pulled by the components is above the maximum rated capacity of the power supply. This can only happen if the output of the power supply is insufficient for the system’s requirements. Please use Seasonic’s Wattage Calculator to determine how much power your system needs.
  5. Over-Temperature Protection (OTP): This feature maintains safe operation temperature for the power supply. Various sensors are placed at critical components within the power supply to ensure that the temperature at these components does not exceed the limits of the component’s rating. In case of excessive heat build-up inside the power supply, it will automatically turn off and you will not be able to switch it back on again until it has sufficiently cooled down. Please always make sure that your system has sufficient cooling.
  6. Short-Circuit Protection (SCP): The fuse protecting the power supply’s secondary circuits protects the power supply and all the components connected to it against electrical damage. At the occurrence of a short circuit the power supply will shut down.
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