Haswell compatible models

Seasonic endeavors to produce power supplies that meet the current market standards. Since the announcement of the Haswell processors in mid-2013, most of Seasonic's power supplies have been designed to be compatible with the processors. The list below details Seasonic's recent products that comply with the standard. For more specific product information, please contact our Technical Support.

Haswell Compatible Current Consumer Products

  • PRIME Ultra Series
  • PRIME Series
  • FOCUS PLUS Series
  • FOCUS Series

Non-compatible Current Consumer Products

  • S12II Series
  • M12II EVO - 620 W, 520 W

Haswell Compatible Discontinued Consumer Products

  • PRIME Series
  • Platinum Series
  • X-Series Series
  • G-Series Series
  • S12G Series
  • M12II EVO - 750 W, 850 W

Non-compatible Discontinued Consumer Products

  • M12II Series
  • M12 Series
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