Mining recommendations

Mining cryptocurrency requires good and reliable power supplies (PSU) that can handle the heavy load of 3, 4 or even more graphics cards (GPU) at the same time. However, according to Intel’s ATX Design Guide, a normal PC power supply’s intended usage is to power PC systems.

Should you consider using your Seasonic PSU for mining nevertheless, to minimize the incidence of certain issues, we recommend adhering to the following:

  • Make sure to always use the cables provided with your PSU. Any cables from any other PSU manufacturers may be dangerous or may cause damage to your system. Should you require additional assistance, please contact Seasonic.
  • Make sure to strictly follow our recommendations about the number of PCIe cables that you can plug into your PSU. Using the power supply without a CPU connection does not fall in line with the manufacturer’s intended usage, and may void the warranty. If your model is not described on our recommendations page, please contact us.
  • For safety reasons and to avoid any potential issue with the cables, please make sure to strictly follow our recommendations about how to connect high power GPU’s (with power consumption exceeding 225 W).
  • We strongly advise against powering your GPU riser cards with any Molex or SATA cables. While the PCIe connector supports the +12 V via 3 pins, both Molex and SATA connectors can only power the +12 V output via 1 pin. Molex or SATA connectors are not designed to power riser cards and in certain instances damages from such a setup will not be covered under the warranty.

We value all our customers and we fully stand behind our power supplies when they are used in work stations, gaming rigs or office computers, in accordance with their intended purpose. Consequently, any application that does not follow our recommendations for proper usage will result in diminished access to our support and RMA services, whereas some fees may be charged to service products that would otherwise be repaired free of charge.

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